HARRISON [20th] – updated POLES-Online exams: PGI November 2018/May 2019

  •   3 exams
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  • 3  PGI mock examinations [250 each]
  • 2 examinations based on HARRISON [20th] UPDATED TABLES and  Entrance exam oriented  HARRISON’s text
  • 1 exam based exclusively on   HARRISON [20th] Updated NEW DRUGS & Pharmacogenomics
  • HIGH LIGHT -A "MASTER CHART" Comprising of ALL NEW drugs from HARRISON[20th] with the class of drug,Indication and salient adverse effects******
  • NEW Important points from HARRISON[20th] has been provided in RED Color *****
  • Will cover 50 questions & NEW Tough questions in PGI Nov 2018/May 2019 examinations
  • Examinations can be taken in Mobile phones also
  • Examinations can be taken up any number of times. The complete examinations with discussion can be viewed whenever the candidate needs it. It will be available online till June 2019. Exams CANNOT be Downloaded*
  • The "ONE and ONLY" Exam series of this kind in the COUNTRY!
  • "MUST ATTEND" online exam series  for  PGI Aspirants

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    All the exams of HARRISON [20th] – updated POLES-Online exams: PGI November 2018/May 2019

    HARRISON [20th] Updates - PGI online exam: POLES- 1

    • Starts - Nov 8, 2018
      Ends - May 31, 2019
    •   25 questions
    •   3:00:00

    HARRISON [20th] Updates - NEW DRUGS - PGI online exam: POLES- 3

    • Starts - Nov 12, 2018
      Ends - Mar 31, 2019
    •   0 questions
    •   3:00:00

    HARRISON [20th] Updates - PGI online exam: POLES- 2

    • Starts - Nov 13, 2018
      Ends - Mar 31, 2019
    •   0 questions
    •   3:00:00

    Additional Information

    HARRISON[20th] Updates-POLES-online examinations for NEET/AIIMS/PGI/JIPMER exams


    • Questions framed from Important Entrance exam oriented Facts from HARRISON[20th]
    • A  seperate exam series separately  for NEET/AIIMS/PGI/JIPMER and NIMHANS
    • Each exam series has 3 examinations-2 exams based on HARRISON[20th] TABLES[The Entrance exam oriented Essence of 1000 tables from HARRISON[20th] and Important facts from HARRISON[20th] Text will be discussed]
    • ONE exam based exclusively on NEW DRUGS from HARRISON[20th] -covers around 150 NEW DRUGS relevant for entrance examinations
    • " The Most UNIQUE" online exam series in the Country
    • A " MUST ATTEND" online exam series for  Ideal P.G.Aspirants

    *For Further details and registration-8778694992


    Dr.S.Aiswarya  2nd Rank [TN-Rank] - NEET 2016

    Dr.A.Pon Shankar, 5th Rank  [TN-Rank] - NEET 2016

    We have never dreamt that we will achieve this when we sat in the Introduction class of Dr.R.S.Manorajan on April 2016..

    But his guidance which enlightened us has made us to get this success..

    As u all know, Being service candidate it's hard to get sufficient time to study.. We just read the notes of POSITIVE MEDPG only and haven't read any other books..

    The T-20 series at POSITIVE  is a GIFT for us

    The online test series at POSITIVE is the BEST for self evaluation.. We would use to take it during revision time.. Just remember the words of Dr.R.S.Manohrajan that "You should not beg for PG seat.. You should demand seats.."