NEETPG 2021 Medicine [Harrison 20th } ONLINE Course]

  •  Oct. 10, 2020, midnight to Jan. 31, 2022, midnight

₹ 7000.00

  • Regular Price : ₹ 7000.00 From Jan. 1, 2021 to Jan. 31, 2022


NEETPG 2021-Medcine[Harrison 20th ] ONLINE course

* 50 hrs of Harrison 20th based Medicine ONLINE Course for NEETPG 2021

*Theorey based Discussion alongwith MCQs from NEETPG,AIIMS,JIPMER and PGI 

*Targets 80-90  questions in NEETPG 2021
* Faculty-Dr.R.Manorajan-15 years experience in PG Entrance exam training

*Session starts from October 16th 2020.
* Recorded sessions of the ONLINE sessions will be avalable for a period of 6 months from October 2020  for Repeated Revision 
* 3 Mecicine ONLINE exams based on Harrison[20th]-900 questions -Free




Dr.Dheenadhayalan-Rank-8[Obc]-PGI-November 2017


Believe it or not I have got 80-90 questions DIRECTLY FROM OHC in my NEETPG exam.Definetly OHC is the elixir of Postgraduation





Dr. Nasreen Raees Ahmed (Mumbai)- MS (Ophthal) 

 Rank 87-AIIMS MAY 2012-OHC I

  • As all of you know, Harrison is indispensable for cracking entrance exams. POSITIVE  has found just the perfect way of delivering it to students and it is now upto us to utilize this gift in the best possible way!


Dr. Asha Benazir M.D [Peds]-MAMC, AI 2012 - Rank 16th 

Operation Harri classes-OHC  gave us exactly the pearls we needed from that vast ocean. And there are SOME QUESTIONS WHICH CAN BE ANSWERED ONLY from OHC. It was those questions which gave us an edge over others!!!


Dr. Mubarak Sazira M.D(RD)-MMC-  Chennai, PGI-NOV-2012 Rank-25(OBC)

OHC  was extremely useful for solving new and fresh questions of PGI 


Dr.Basavaraj M.D(RD), Mangalore Medical college, RANK-13-Kar-2013 OHC-1

OHC - a course must for every one who is preparing for this exhaustive medical pg preparation.


Dr. A. Elavarasi, AIIMS NOV 2010 - 3rd Rank NOV 2010 

The OPERATION HARRI classes is an innovation which no other centre offers. 


Dr. SHEEBA MATHAVI, Rank- 1-TN-2012

I have never missed Dr Manorajan's OperationHarri classes.They were very much helpful


Dr.KanagaDurga-M.D [RD],Rank- 4-AIIMS MAY 2015,  Rank -8-JIPMER May 2015,  Rank 4- TNPG-  Mar 2015, Rank  8  JIPMER Nov 2015

To revise HARRISON within the short period available for entrance exam preperation OPERATION HARRI was very usefull.


Dr. Subhrashis Guha Niyogi, Rank 57-JIPMER 2015

The OHC material is really a treasure trove